AP Chemistry or Honors Physics?

I’m currently a junior in hs, and we’re choosing classes for next year this week. I’m debating between taking AP Chemistry or Honors Physics for my senior year, does anyone know which would be more beneficial in college? Which will better prepare me for the classes?

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You probably want to have some physics in high school before taking physics in college (whether it is physics for biology majors and pre-meds competing for the limited number of A grades, or physics for physics and engineering majors who are likely stronger students in physics). (Obviously, you want to have biology and chemistry in high school before taking biology and chemistry in college.)

Regarding AP credit for pre-meds, you may want to read FAQ Pre-med courses, AP/IB/etc. credit and college/DE courses, etc. .

Have you had a high school physics class yet?

If not, then physics over chemistry because it’s extremely helpful to have seen the material before when you go to take college physics. (And med schools require 2 semesters of college level physics for admission.)