AP Chemistry

Hi, I’m going to self study AP Chemistry for my sophomore year of high school and was wondering if any person who had taken the class in the past had any advice or suggested resources.

Yes. Take the class in the appropriate year instead of self studying.

Agree with the above. Take the class (with the lab component) at the appropriate time in your HS.

Why are you doing this?

I trying to self study AP Chemistry because my school won’t let me take any science classes expect regular chemistry, but IT DOES NOT TEACH ITS STUDENTS in any of the subjects (I’m not lying).

Regular chemistry is a common class for 10th graders and provides a solid foundation that is helpful for AP Chem. Your GI should be to ace that class first.

That’s for 11th graders here.

You will not be penalized for taking what your school offers.

Does your school offer AP science classes?

No, it doesn’t.

DS is a strong student, especially in math which he learned primarily through AoPS. He took AP Calc BC, AP Phys 1 and AP CS A in 9th grade. His HS required Honors Chem before AP Chem but made an exception and let him go straight into AP Chem in 10th. In order to prepare he spent about an hour most days over the summer doing the Khan Academy AP Chem lessons.

He said he felt he was probably at the same level as the Honors Chem kids when class started, maybe a bit better as it was fresher for him. The teacher was pretty good overall and he both aced the class and got a 5 on the exam. He said he could have probably gotten the 5 without the class but he would have had to work pretty hard on the Princeton book or something similar.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

AP chemistry is hard. You need to find a tutor to help you self study AP Chemistry.?