AP Chemistry

Will a B in Ap Chemistry my first quarter of senior year ruin my chances of admission if I am applying as a Public Health major? At the end of junior year, I was ranked 12 out of 500+ people, and I have a 1430 SAT. This would be my first B in high school. I’m really interested in the UNC and the UofSC public health schools. I will be applying early action for both of these colleges. Thanks!


No and to be honest getting your first B in high school is a good thing. I don’t know much about the colleges you are applying to but I’ll take a wild guess and predict that you’ll get a few more Bs in college also (and maybe a few Cs). And that’s OK. Are you enjoying AP Chemistry? Are you taking it because you want a good grade in that class or are you enjoying the learning, tough as it may be? You sound like a wonderful student. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of your success.

No, a 3.989 GPA will not cause an admissions officer to immediately throw your application in the trash.

(UNC’s erroneous claim on their recent CDS than 92% of admitted students had a 4.0, notwithstanding)

That makes me feel a lot better! Thank you so much!