AP Chemistry

<p>What is the best AP chemistry review book??? Barrons??</p>

<p>I have Barrons, Peterson's, and Kaplans and i find barrons and kaplans similar but barrons seems a little more organized</p>

<p>By the way, I have Schaums Outlines for College Chemistry (is not that good)</p>


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<p>5 Steps for a 5</p>

<p>Princeton Review by far...it has everything, plus very realistic questions</p>

<p>princeton review only covers the surface. like always, its always good for a quick review (or a test). barron's is like a textbook without all those fancy adjectives and fancy vocab. it just gets down to the nitty gritty. </p>

<p>so far, those two are helping me ace ap chem. i'd DEFINITELY get those two and just read both of them whenever you have spare time or to review what you learned in class</p>

<p>ARCO and PR, helped me get a 5</p>

<p>My teacher sux...so I dont know which one to get, what do you guys think??</p>


<p>Princeton review, the tips they gave for naming the reactants/products area helped so much. The explanations of problems are really good too.</p>

<p>i totally slacked off in my ap chem class last year and went through the year totally oblivious to everything. Then the night before, I read the Princeton Review book and actually learned enough chem to get a 5.</p>


<p>grrr to people like you. i don't know how u guys do it.</p>

<p>PR was my savior. I hadn't been able to understand forces (london/hydrogen/etc), and how they worked for two years. In two paragraphs PR explained it all.</p>