AP class every other day?

<p>Just curious if there are any other schools out there that have AP classes every other day or if this problems only dwells in my school?</p>

<p>Not in my school. I do have one little problem, though. I'm one of two taking AP Physics in the school, and since we have a shortage of science teachers, they had to put us into an honors class, but instead of being with them we go to the farthest table, which is at least 10 yards from them, and study on our own. I guess it's nice studying with someone else, as oppposed to on one's own, but we rarely get any attention from our teacher.</p>

<p>We have a block schedule at our school, so 4th period alternates--you've got 4A every other day and 4B the rest of the days, and that lasts all year long (periods 1-3 switch at the semester). Almost any class can be 4th period though, not just AP classes, and AP classes can be any of the first three periods, as well. I had both AP English classes last year: Lang & Comp was 4A, Lit & Comp was 4B. It was really good because I adored Lit & Comp and hated Lang & Comp (due to the teachers, or rather, the teaching styles), so it was nice and balanced. :p</p>