AP class or honors class I’m good at?

I’m an incoming junior who took AP Human Geography this past year (only AP course offered to sophomores at my school) and got a 5. I have a 3.9 unweighted and 4.3 weighted GPA. This past year I took Journalism as an elective and received two national awards for my writing and got a 100 in the class. I was planning on taking AP English and APUSH this year, but now I’m afraid that is not enough AP classes. (It would be 3 by the end of my junior year). I was thinking of swapping out Honors Journalism with AP Psychology, because I only have one more credit left in my schedule. The thing is though, I’m way more passionate about Journalism than AP Psych, and I feel that it would be equally as impressive if I won more national writing awards in Journalism and showed my passion to colleges than if I just got a 5 and an A in AP Psych. Plus, I know for sure I can do well in Journalism. If I’m aiming for very competitive colleges (NYU and Northwestern for example), what should I do? Take Journalism or AP Psych? If it helps, senior year, I’m planning to take AP English, AP French, AP Gov, and AP Calc.

Take journalism. You have enough APs
Any beyond 6-8 across 4 years will not improve an applucation dramatically and you seem to have a good thing going with journalism.

there is no need to take an AP elective just as Psych simply because it is an AP. Your passion is with journalism so take that.

The only reason I would say to take psych for you is if it gave you your 4th social studies credit but I’m guessing you have 4 (by graduation) without it.

AP Psych is just an elective. Journalism is clearly more meaningful to you. Take journalism.