AP Classes, I'm taking 8

<p>Okay, I would like your guys opinions on how difficult the following AP courses are:</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Physics
AP Calculus
AP American History
AP European History
AP Chemistry
AP Biology</p>

<p>I'm a pretty good student, and I doubt I'll find any of these classes 'that' hard.</p>

<p>Come back at the end of the year</p>

<p>AP Physics B or C? </p>

<p>Anyhow, very few students could successfuly manage that schedule at a rigorous high school. It's possible, though.</p>

<p>It's not about finding the classes that "hard". It's about the absurd amount of work you're going to do. </p>

<p>Just don't do it. It's not worth it.</p>

<p>PS Where's your language? Unless you've already gotten through an AP language, drop one of those history or science classes and take a language.</p>

<p>You're so lucky. I can't even take 7. T_T</p>

<p>whew, you've got some heavy hitting APs there...Physics, Chemistry, and Lit/LAng are known to be particularly hard.
It depends on the difficulty of the school you're attending. At some schools, these would be a breeze while at others they would be disastrous to take at the same time.
How many periods does your school have? Physics, Chem, and Bio all require a double period according to CB standards.</p>

<p>For the record, I'm not taking all of those at the same time.
Next year:
AP Biology
AP European History</p>

AP English language and composition
AP American History
AP Chemistry</p>

AP English literature and composition
AP Calculus
AP Physics B</p>

<p>do AP English Lit after Language lolol. and European History is useless.</p>

<p>AP Calculus- easy as heck
AP Chemistry- easy as heck
AP Biology- easy
AP Physics B- easy
AP English Language- sort of easy
AP USH- sort of easy
AP EH- sort of easy
AP English lit - extremely hard, probably don't take it unless you are really really good at english.</p>

<p>It's 8 periods, 4 a day.</p>

<p>Well, that changes everything, now doesn't it?</p>

For the record, I'm not taking all of those at the same time.


<p>Oh, you should have specified. That schedule looks very manageable.</p>

<p>There are no language courses xD</p>

<p>But I like European History and American History is required so I might as well replace the regular course with AP.</p>

There are no language courses xD


Huh? Do you mean you're not taking a language at all during high school?</p>

<p>Oh, I thought you meant AP language courses. But yes, I'm taking Italian I-IV</p>

<p>Ok that makes more sense. </p>

<p>And fwiw- that schedule looks fine.</p>

<p>Ohh it seems a lot easier that it's not all at once.</p>

<p>Yeah, that's manageable.</p>

<h2>I took 7 this year, and it's definitely not worth it if you don't enjoy the course. Even though it's almost summer now for me, and I feel like a did well on most of my AP exams, I wouldn't recommend taking a large amount of AP classes if you're not into them and if you can't manage the workload. Most classes aren't too difficult, it's just the amount of work you have to keep up with which can vary depending on your school, teacher, and work ethic.</h2>

<p>To answer the OP:</p>

<p>AP Bio - a bunch of memorization, not fun if you're not into Biology
AP U.S./Euro - very easy for me because I enjoy history. These classes are heavy with reading and writing. Keep up with the reading and you should be fine
AP Lang - really depends on your teacher and how good of a writer you are. My teacher was lax, so it was a breeze, but I know some other teachers where it's really hard to pull off an A
I haven't taken the other courses yet, so I don't know about them</p>

<p>Wow, I thought you meant you were taking them in one year. </p>

<p>In that case, they're all easy.</p>