AP Classes in Freshman year

Hello, new to this site…

I am in 8th grade and was wondering what AP should I take in 9th grade?
I know I will be doing these 2 for sure:

  1. AP Physics 1 or 2
  2. AP Computer Science Principles

I have been told that AP biology, and AP human geology are good ones for early on

At my kids’ high school (a highly ranked public), AP’s are not available to freshmen. I’m not even sure they are available to sophomores. I guess you have already taken high school level calculus if you are looking at AP Physics? seems a little too fast for me, but anyway I would NOT advise taking any more AP’s than this. high school is an adjustment and you should make sure you have time for a social life and other pursuits.
Basically… chill out, dude.


AP physics 1 and 2 are algebra based, similar to what I am taking this year which is honors physics
It only makes sense to take it as soon as I can in HS…
Do you have recommendations or are you just here to tell me I have no life?

Freshman are typically not allowed to double up on subjects, and AP Biology usually requires a prior course in both bio and chem.

Your HS advisor would be the best person to ask.


OK thanks :smiley:

I might take honors chem as I probably should (Since I think it’s standard to take it before physics)

Our HS only allows AP Human Geography as a freshman (unless the computer science teacher gives permission to enroll in AP CS). I think that’s enough so life isn’t just about classes and homework.

Only take what interests you! There are 4 years of Hs and there is absolutely no need to even think of overloading AP classes right now. Join some clubs/find some interests outside of class. That is just as important as a teenager than your freshman class schedule. And do it for you; not just for colleges.

AP Human geography?

Ok thanks
And I love math anyways and programming it’s not like a chore to me

At least at our HS, freshman either take world geography or AP Human Geography. (Never heard of AP human geology.)

If you already program, AP CompSci will not be a chore at all. Both my sons have gone through it and very rarely has homework (just did the work in class.) as for AP physics 1/2, if you enjoy math and are taking physics in middle school, then I suspect you will be good taking this as a freshman. Definitely look into the other sciences though. If engineering is in your future, you may be better off waiting until you can take calculus based physics.

Best of luck to you! As much as it’s great to say, don’t overdo it, if you are ready for the advanced classes and you’ve made a plan with your school counselor, then go for it.

AP Human Geo was the only AP class Freshman were allowed to take at my kids High School
We are in Florida their school allowed Cambridge ( AICE ) classes in English and Critical Thinking their Freshman year

As far as Bio D23 took Honors Bio in 8th Grade they wanted her to take Honors Chemistry in 9th then AP Chem in 10th now taking AP Bio in 11th and planning AP Physics in 12th grade

Really? Is taking both Ap physics 1/2 and then AP physics c later on a bad idea?

Sorry maybe I should reword that
Is taking AP physics 1 or 2 bad and then doing AP physics c later on a bad idea
Should I only do 1 or only do c?

If you are taking a HS-level honors physics course, then AP Physics 1/2 is redundant, particularly if you late plan to take AP Physics C

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AP physics 1 and 2 have math prerequisites that most 9th grade students will not have. Consider only if you are highly advanced in math to the point of having the math prerequisites.

AP human geography is the most common 9th grade AP course, apparently often used as a 9th grade honor social studies option. It is one of the APs that is less commonly given subject credit by colleges.

Because most 9th grade students are not ready for college-level material, APs other than human geography are not commonly taken in 9th grade: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/research/2020/Program-Summary-Report-2020.pdf

It is algebra based and after this year I will hopefully have algebra 2 mastered (Hopefully, because I am learning it over the summer and on my free time)

Wow physics 2 had only 63 in 9th grade… hmm

Physics 1 it is?

Physics 2, unsurprisingly, has Physics 1 (or honors physics) as a prereq. And Physics 2 is only offered be 1/3 if the schools that offer physics 1

What would your 9th grade schedule look like without AP physics 1?

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Can we just back up for a minute? OP, I think you will get better advice if you give some context, including what subjects you have taken and what your goals are for HS / college. The ‘why’ matters in how you shape the 4 years of HS.

Take a minute to read this advice from the admissions team at MIT (it applies to other highly selective unis as well):


Honors physics, honors geometry

Also learning python on my own time