AP COMPARATIVE GOVT SELF STUDY- Possibility of a 4 or 5

<p>So, I took AP US last year and got a 4, and this year I am taking AP US Govt. and AP Statistics.</p>

<p>I have picked up off Amazon:</p>

<p>Introduction To Comparative Politics Ap Fourth Edition
Amazon.com:</a> Introduction To Comparative Politics Ap Fourth Edition: Books: Mark Kesselman</p>

<p>AP Comparative Government and Politics: A Study Guide, 3rd edition
Amazon.com:</a> AP Comparative Government and Politics: A Study Guide, 3rd edition: Books: Ethel Wood</p>

<p>So is this realistic? The school I will probably wind up at next year requires a 4 or 5 on BOTH U.S. and Comparative exams to receive credit (works out to about 10-12 credits however so definitely worth it).</p>

<p>A few questions for those who have self studied or taken AP Comp. Govt.:</p>

<p>-This seems like a much more in depth course in comparison to US...I have less than three months to learn all of this. Will I be ok?</p>

<p>-Can self studying (and get a 4 or 5) be done in under 3 months? I also work a part time job 15 hours/week, have 2 AP classes this semester (including US govt.) that I have to prep for, and a few other things going on</p>

<p>-Any tips on what to study (books, guides, etc.) for the AP Comparative Govt. exam? I have not taken any sort of World History since 9th grade, when I took Western Civ. </p>

<p>Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!</p>


<p>I was partial to Barron's for most of my AP exams, although I can't really speak to the Comparative one. 3 months is totally doable though, my school did AP U.S. and Comparative combined into one class, Comp was maybe a month or two at the end (we got Comp free if we took the U.S.). I would actually say it's less involved than the U.S. AP, but your mileage may vary. Good to take at the same time as U.S. though, since they cover similar material. I really put basically no studying into it at all (although I did have the benefit of at least sort of covering it in class), since I was taking 6 AP's that term, and did just fine...I wouldn't put it in the harder AP category.</p>

<p>Use the Ethell Woods book. I took it last year (my class was a full-year course). That book covers most of the stuff you need to know for a 5. Good Luck!</p>