AP Computer Science or Psychology

<p>I will get the sheet at the end of the term for next year's classes and i want to know if it would be better to take AP Computer Science or AP Psychology?</p>

<p>I know some of you are going to say go with what you like (i actually like both equally), but which will look better on the transcript in my app?</p>


<p>AP Comp Sci will look better, but will be harder and more rigorous.</p>

<p>Pyschology is much more easier to master and the AP test is considered a joke</p>

<p>comp sci will look better. psych will be 1000234x more interesting.</p>

<p>PERSONAL opinion of course ;)</p>

<p>I would go with Comp Sci, but psych is definitely more interesting.</p>

<p>Well..you guys are saying that Psychology is much more interesting, so that just makes my decision harder, but do you think if i pick Psychology that it will affect all my admissions and stuff that much? I know that almost no colleges accept credit for that class.</p>

<p>Is there anyone on this board who has taken both?</p>

<p>Thanks for your responses</p>

<p>i would suggest computer science. psycholgy is definitely more interesting, but when it comes to making it in the real world, i think comp sci is more fit. Psychology doesnt get that many jobs unless you go all the way to phd. even if you do get there, you are limited to a little more than teaching positions. Getting a medical degree in psychology, however, is a different story. But are you really dedicated enough to go to 15+ years of schooling after high school?</p>