AP Computer Science

<p>When I read Barron, it seems that I can understand how each kind of method works; however, when I did those problems at the end of each chapter, I could even get three right out of twenty questions. It seems that I miss a lot of fundamental knowledge about Java, especially the grammar. I feel that every question is extremely tricky. What book should I read to make up those fundamental knowledge or how should I study AP compute Science?</p>

<p>go read the java API. For me its not that hard though, and if you're that worried just take the A exam</p>

<p>That's exactly what I'm experiencing...
Rather than getting more materials piled up, you might wanna dig deeper into the book. Barron's is great, one of the ref books with the least possble mistakes (according to my CS teacher).
One thing you can do is to learn the examples in each chapter. "Looking at" and "understanding" is not enough. It could be helpful if you just look at the pre and postconditions in each example, and then code them in eclipse. After a whole independent thinking process, you might wanna check your answer with the book and see if there's improvement to be made, and see what's the difference between the thinking process.
I personally think that's more helpful than just jumping into the problems. They can be easy after reading and coding a lot.</p>

<p>Write real programs. ("real" = longer than the code snippets you'll need to write for the test, full programs that you can run--programming little games is always fun)
Then you will get an intuitive feel for the grammar, etc.</p>