Ap course struggle - apush, ap capstone, and ap lang what should i take?

Hi. I am trying to figure out my courses for junior year. I have to keep in mind the SAT is next year but I want to increase my course rigor. Currently I am VP of my class, VP of marketing for DECA, and VP for dosomething so I have a few obligations. I take one AP course now which is psychology but its been a weird year since I have switched teachers 3 times due to COVID so I am not sure I completely know what an AP course is like. My other classes are honors expect for math.

So the AP courses I am interested in is AP Lang, APUSH, and AP Capstone. I’m usually an A B student but this year I’ve been all A’s since its been easy with COVID. Any suggestions on what to do? Only take 2? Take all 3? Any thoughts on course work etc. Thank you!

Either AP lang or APush will be, either one, much harder than AP psych. They will also be the most useful in terms of reading and writing skills. If you can take one jr year and one senior year, it’d be a possibility. Or take both, if your school allows to drop down to honors n case of a less than B result.

AP Capstone is a two-year commitment – the first year is AP Seminar, and second is AP Research. My daughter is in her second year right now as a junior. (It was unusual for a sophomore to take AP Seminar at her school, but they made exceptions for stronger students because they were trying to fill the class.)

I can tell you that AP Seminar at her school was intense. It’s really research and writing heavy, and it’s the class that she stressed out the most over. Mostly because it’s not straightforward – you really have to think and work hard on the papers and presentations. She was often up working into the wee hours on that class alone.

She also had APUSH the same year, and that class is hard because of the DBQs. (Document-based questions?) Again, a lot of writing, but on the fly – no preparation beforehand. The class also covers a ton of material. It’s not impossible, but she studied every night to keep up with the material.

I’m not familiar with AP Lang, as she’s planning to take AP Lit next year as a senior.

Good luck deciding!