AP Credit or Placement only

<p>My son will have 24 AP credits if he decides on GW, do they offer credit or is it just advanced placement?</p>

<p>they offer credits but i think they recently capped the amount, though I believe it is exactly 24. depending on which exams your son took, he could get up to 8 credits for a 5 (on biology for example) or 6 (for Lit, U.S. history etc). there should be a chart on the admissions website so check to be sure.</p>

<p>Mom43: here's a link to GW's AP credit policy.GW:</a> Something Happens Here. The AP's can count as general curriculum requirements..or if the AP courses aren't equivalent to the gc requirements, they can count as general electives and they can also place the student in more advanced courses. The cap for AP credits is indeed 24 credit hours.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone, I think he will have 18 not 24 credits, I appreciate your help!</p>