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I have 60 credits in AP classes. 47 are for specific classes and 13 unspecified. I am FYE. I just need to take the written and oral communication classes and the Honors Design classes my first year. I have satisfied all of my general required electives. So, what does this mean I will be taking my first year? I know I will be taking Calc 3. I am not repeating Calc 1 or 2. Am I reclassified as a sophomore?

What about ENGR 16100 and ENGR 16200?

Yes, those are the Honors classes I have to take that I mentioned above.

My D came in with a ton of AP credits too, also FYE. You will not be alone as that seemed to be the norm, especially in honors. Yes, you will be listed as a 2nd semester sophomore if everything transfers, which used to help with course scheduling and housing but I believe the university has changed the process, so nothing is really different.

1st semester freshman year my D took Honors Eng Design, Calc II, (in your case Calc III), Oral Communications (she had AP for written), Inorganic chem (chem e major and didn’t want to skip), and honors seminar.

I can’t remember what your intended major is but you can look up the 4 year plan of study. If you are using AP credits for your major, you can just take the next course in the required sequence which will open you up for more electives later.

Your advisor will be able to walk you through all your options too!


Depends on what your APs cover. You mention GenEds - what about Chem, Physics, CS? CHM115, PHYS172, CS159 are in the FYE course plan. Plus whatever math course is next in the sequence - Calc 1, 2, 3, Linear, DiffEq.

What about HONR19901/02? Isn’t that required for Honors College students? You can also take 19903 or another HONR course if you want to complete the HC requirements for graduation.

You might be able to take courses in your intended major or free electives if space is still available.

“Officially” you will be a Junior. Standing is based on 30 credits per year. This will give you preference in housing selection. You used to get an earlier slot for course registration, but the process has changed - you may still get preference.

(But don’t tell people you’re a Junior. It’s a good way to get mocked by others.)

Work with your advisor to be sure all GenEds are covered. My daughter is coming into CS with 61 credits, but still has one or two to take. She has an Honors Seminar through the Honors College, a couple CS Seminars and Band to fill out her schedule (CS180 is a pre-req for pretty much every CS course, and AP CSP/CSA don’t earn credit for it)

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I am basically taking the same as your daughter except computer class instead of Chem, Calc 3, written comm and testing out of oral comm.

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I will be taking Honr 19901/2, I don’t need Chem, Physics or Calc 1 ,2 since I have AP Credit. I already took a similar college course to CS159

Is 14 credit hours enough in a semester? I have registered for 5 classes with a total of 14 credit hours.

Yes, that’s enough to be considered a full time student but aren’t you at 15 credits?

It says 14. I think because CGT163 is only 2 credits but required for Mechanical Engineering. I am just hoping to graduate early to save money.

Plan out your schedule through graduation to fulfill all degree requirements (major and general education) and see how many semesters you will need.

It may be possible for a mech e to graduate early because it is such a large major and most courses are offered every semester. Smaller majors can run into course sequencing issues, but I don’t believe that’s the case for ME.

If it’s your goal, MechE has their full plan of study well documented, including the pre-requisites and sequences. It also available in Excel. Very handy for planning.

PHYS272 or ME270 as a Freshman would be very advantageous to getting a jump on the two 5 course sequences. Physics would likely be easier to register for before declaring a major.

14 credits is a full-time schedule. On the lower end, but fine, especially for an incoming Freshman. 161/162 and CGT163 are more work than the credits indicate, iirc. Another seminar or similar would be fine, but a full course (like mentioned above) would make for a challenging schedule for a brand new college student, IMO.

(Example - my daughter will have 17, but that includes a Band class. HONR and BAND prefix courses, 4 of her credits, have 3.95+ average GPA’s, iirc :joy:)

Yes, I love the map for ME. I am taking physics 272 and ME 270 2nd semester if I can get into them. I guess 14 credits is a good way to ease into this!

If you take ME 270 in semester 2, then you are one semester ahead on the longest sequence of prerequisites shown above, which is:

PHYS 172 → ME 270 → ME 247 → ME 308 → ME 315 → ME 463

Similarly, PHYS 272 in semester 2 also helps with a different longest sequence:

PHYS 172 → PHYS 272 → ECE 200 → ME 365 → MC 375 → ME 463

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Do you think I should take Phys 272 the first semester? I already took AP Physics C but got a 4 not a 5 so can’t get credit for it. It is fine because I need to review the material again. But would that be too heavy a load with my other classes? I could replace CGT 163 with Phys 272 first semester.

I know you didn’t ask me but I’d wait to take 272 until second semester. Mechanics is integrated into honors engineering design so you will get some review just by the nature of the class first semester. You want a very solid foundation in physics.

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Thank you for advice. I am taking a one semester Engr design class since I already have credit for Phys 172. But, it probably is better to take Phys 272 2nd semester.

I’m confused. You do or don’t have credit for/have to take PHYS172?

Unless something has changed, it’s a required part of FYE. And it’s a pre-requisite for PHYS272.

And even if you can, I wouldn’t replace CGT with PHYS272. Physics will be substantially more difficult and you need to take both eventually. Start with the easier one.

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Honors engineering design integrates physics into the course so honors students don’t need to take the first in the physics sequence. (At least they did when my D was a freshman).