AP Credit?

<p>I just finished my Junior year in HS and took 3 AP classes and all 3 of the tests(AP Langauge and Comp, APUSH, and AP Chem) and I am confident I did 4 or 5 on each of them. Next year I am taking AP Lit, AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Comp Science, and AP Calc AB. I am very interested in chemical engineering and was wondering which of my AP math/science credits I should use when I go to college. If I am going into a chemical engineering field and I have a whole year without chem(between my junior year in HS and freshman year in college) should i just retake chemistry in college? What about AP Physics and Calc? Please share with me your experiences/opinions with using AP Credit towards and engineering major.</p>

<p>use all that you can. seriously. gen chem classes in college are a joke.</p>

<p>why arent you taking calc BC? its only a little more material and you test out of a year.</p>

<p>haha i would love to take BC but my freshman algebra 2 teacher didnt reccommend me to double up in precalc and geometry for my sophmore year. In my school you need take precalculus before you take Calculus AB, and I just finished precalculus this year(junior year). And even if I could learn all the AB material the school doesnt allow you to take higher classes without taking prerequisite classes (i cant go from precalc to BC without AB first). In all honesty though I wouldnt have been ready for Calc this year had I taken it now. It wasnt until last december that I realized what I had to do to go down the engineering path. I went from like a B+ student, 40th in a class of 420 to A+ student 14th in my class haha so I dont mind taking AB instead of BC</p>