AP credits at USC

<p>Here is the website for USC’s AP credit policy: <a href=“http://www.usc.edu/dept/ARR/articulation/apexams.html[/url]”>http://www.usc.edu/dept/ARR/articulation/apexams.html</a> </p>

<li><p>If I received a 5 on the BC Calc exam, would I receive the four credits for AB Calc and four more for BC? Because most colleges count BC Calc as two semesters worth, but based on this chart I wasn’t sure.</p></li>
<li><p>Is it possible/managable to graduate early if you accumulate the maximum 32 AP credits?</p></li>
<li><p>If I am majoring in Biology, and receive credit for the AP biology exam, but still take the intro class (possibly the advanced one?), do I still receive the AP bio credit?</p></li>

<p>Thanks for any information.</p>

<p>I am also confused about how many AP credits actually count towards Viterbi because it says you can get a maximum of 32 AP credits, but Viterbi has many credits needed for graduation. Could you get the Bachelors and Masters at Viterbi in 4 years with entering 10 APs score of 3 or higher? Do you finish Viterbi engineering in less than 4 years with 10 APs?</p>

<p>They will only take 8 APs, so I don't think it matters if you have 10</p>

<p>And APs count towards electives, but not, I believe, towards major, minor, or most core requirements with the exception of 2 very specific APs (I think AP Bio and AP Chem, and AP History of Art and one or two other?), which can count towards 2 science and humanites core reqs.</p>

<p>I think language AP scores count if you have a foreign language ge requirement, depending on what school you're in. I'm in CLAS and AP euro counted for my category 1 ge and then the rest of my scores are just elective credit. you get to register for classes earlier (except first semester) since you're basically a sophomore... some people definitely graduate early, esp. if they already have their majors worked ut going into freshman year</p>


this is somewhat true...but Calculus is one of the important ones...depending on what AP you took, you can start significantly higher up. if you took AB and got a 4 or 5, you can start at Math 126 (Calc II) and obviously with BC you can start at Math 226 (Calc III), a full year ahead in math.</p>

<p>i'll give my case as an example of how APs can help...</p>

<p>i came in with 32 AP units (took 9 APs, they counted 8). off the bat, those count as elective units, which come in handy when you're trying to register for classes every semester onward (but not first)...more units = earlier registration => better classes/class times = less 8 and 9AMs :D</p>

<p>THEN....of those, several counted toward requirements. as an engineer, i got to count my AP US History as my Cat IV (note: Non-Viterbi students can't do this with AP USH). i got a 5 on AP Chem so that eliminated the need for me to take Chemistry/Material Science. (AP Chem also technically tested me out of Cat III, but i was going to take Physics 151 anyways, so it wouldnt really matter.) i got a 5 on AP Calc AB, so i took Math 126 first semester. note, though, that i didn't get true "credit" for Math 125 (Calc I), the AP test just enabled me to register into a higher class.</p>

<p>so from APs i was able to eliminate the need to take 12 units in classes at USC and register earlier for classes. since i opened up so much space, i was able to take 2 GEs first semester at USC, and now in my 4th semester at USC, i'm done with GEs. pretty nifty, huh? ;)</p>

<p>BUT...note, it is unlikely in engineering or sciences that you will graduate much earlier with AP credits. a lot of this is because in engineering/science so many classes require prerequisites...that is, you won't be taking many, if any, 400 level classes in sophomore or even junior year as you'll need the 300 and 200 level classes before that. in a handful of circumstances, it is possible, but it depends greatly on exactly what APs you took, and maybe even moreso, what other classes you took at community college. besides, just enjoy the ride...you only get one chance at college, and even more importantly, one time to be and act young, why make it short? i wouldn't trade my experience for one more year's worth in salary...trust me, once you get to college, you won't want it to end after just 3-3.5 years...</p>

<p>^You might not want to graduate early but the AP credits do allow one to put more focus on something else like interviewing for a job.</p>

<p>^ or minor. or double major even. for me (in EE), a minor in math means just 3 more classes, the exact amount i was able to cut out with APs. or a double major in math would mean 6 more classes (i.e. 3 more classes than getting a minor). i planned on minoring in music recording, but that would have pushed me into a 9th semester, something i don't have the money for...</p>

<p>Ok, thanks for all of the responses.
And phobos, I understand what you mean. My brother actually graduated a semester early from AP credits at his college and just lived as a college student without classes :)</p>