AP Credits on ISIS Degree Audit

<p>Hi, I'm an incoming UF freshman. ISIS has received and recorded my AP scores and awarded credit under 'My Transcipt', but under 'Degree Audit' > 'View Unmet Requirements' these credits have not satisfied my General Education requirements. For example, the ENC1101/2 credits I received for the AP language exam should satisfy the six hours of composition needed, but have not. My dual enrollment credits appear on the audit. Am I mistaken? If not, should I contact someone, or am I jumping the gun?</p>

<p>Also, I've only enrolled for 12 credits in the fall, and although I know this meets the minimum requirement I would be interested in another three credit elective if I could find one that was worthwhile. Unless these AP scores are not going to count toward Gen Ed, I've already completed all the Gen Ed requirements. I'm considering ANT2000 if it becomes available. Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>Thank you for your time!</p>

<p>They do meet the Gen Ed requirements, so you're probably just jumping the gun. I don't think it showed up for me either last time I checked the degree audit and I'm an incoming freshman as well.</p>

<p>Juat talk to your college's advisor day 1. Shoudl easily clear everything up.</p>


<p>Thanks so much for both of your quick and helpful responses.</p>

<p>I'm still puzzling over another elective to add to my schedule. Are their any solid introductory courses to a subject I'm unlikely to think of? I've thought about intro level classes in anthropology and philosophy, but both are currently unavailable or won't fit my schedule.</p>

<p>Wait till drop add week. A load of stull always opens up.</p>


<p>i really loved world of water when i took it. minimal commitment, with tons of fun facts about water here in florida and around the world. highly recommended.</p>

<p>Has anyone taken ANT2000 with Gonzalez-Tennant? I have a suspicion that his positive reviews on ratemyprofessor were posted by himself.</p>

<p>My AP scores aren't on my transcript. They have the scores on Final Test Grades, but they didn't convert it to credits at UF..</p>

<p>Do I need to tell them?</p>

<p>You won't have a transcript until after your first semester. As long as they are listed under test scores, you are fine. You may have to tell your advisor, though, how you want to apply them as gen ed credits. This doesn't seem to be automatic.</p>