AP Credits

I’m an incoming freshman to UC Davis and had questions about transferring AP credits! I saw the website that tells you what the credits count for, but I had trouble understanding, so I was hoping someone here can explain it to me.

I got a 3 on AP Human Geography, a 3 on AP Bio, a 3 on AP Lang, and a 3 on AP World History. Do these only count as elective credits? Will I be able to skip ahead at all or not really?
I’m also planning on taking AP Gov, AP Statistics, and AP English Literature. If I get a 3 or higher on those what would I be able to skip?

Also I’m a food science major if that makes a difference. Thank yoU!!!

The ones you specified don’t count for anything except for change in your class standing, which means you may possibly graduate early provided you have completed your coursework and other requirements specified by the university and college your major is in. AP Human Geo and APWH don’t correspond to any UCD courses, while AP Bio corresponds to BIS 10, which is irrelevant since most students need BIS 2A for their major.

However, if you manage to get a 4 or 5 on your AP Lit exam, it would enable you to skip taking a class for the lower division English requirement (your AP Lang score isn’t high enough to do so). I’m not familiar with anyone using AP Stats to skip STA 13, but apparently if you get a 4 or 5 you can skip that as well if you need it for your major. AP Gov is also useless.

As stated by @facadence, most of the AP courses will give you elective credit which helps with lowering the amount of units required to graduate. UCD also does not allow you to use AP credits anymore toward an earlier priority class registration, so you are finding out there few perks for taking many of these AP classes.

AP Lit will allow to opt out one of the English course requirements but AP Stats allows credit for STA13. STA13 is not even listed for your major, STA100 is the stats class required for Food Science.

@Gumbymom this is so dumb… so should I even bother taking these ap exams? If I pass government or stats, can I at least get elective credits out of the way?

Taking or not taking the AP exams is up to you. For my older son, whom is a graduating from UCD this Spring, it did help with registration priority as a Freshman but as I stated above, that credit is no longer allowed.
You get no credit for Government but you do get credit for Stats as an elective.


@Gumbymom well that’s disappointing since I already started studying for government. I’ll just put more focus onto statistics and English then, so I can at least get a credit out of the way.