AP Credits

My son was admitted pre-business (petition pending) and I was looking at the charts for course credit for various AP scores.

There are two classes: calculus and economics where the class required for business is NOT the class reflected on the AP credit page.

A 3 on the AP test for Calc AB gives credit for MATH UN100; a 4 or 5 gives credit for MATH-M 211.
The Calculus in the business curriculum is MATH-M 119

A 3 on the AP test for Microecomics gives credit for ECON UN100; a 4 or 5 gives credit for ECON E201.
The Economics in the business curriculum is ECON-B251

So does this mean that even with a 4 or 5 on the exam that he will have to take the business version of these courses and that the credits will just go toward electives?

I’d call and ask. M211 is a higher level of calc than M119, so I’d be surprised if it wouldn’t substitute for it. (And I believe neither is a specific class for business students, unlike what it seems that the econ class might be.)

MATH-M211 will count for the calc credit at Kelley if I’m not mistaken. Kelley no longer takes AP Macro/micro credit, so he has to take B251 and 252 at IU, but the credits you get from E201 will count towards credit standing when he registers for class

Please check this page for AP Credits
https:// admissions.indiana.edu/apply/freshman/ap-exam-credit.html

I see Macro/Micro listed on https:// admissions.indiana.edu/apply/freshman/ap-exam-credit.html
Did you get any confirmation from IU Kelley that they don’t consider them anymore?

I-Core Prerequisites - Bulletin - Kelley School of Business says that MATH-M 119 or 211 can be used for the calculus requirement.

However, the beginning economics requirement accepts only ECON-B 251.

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You get credit for E201/202, but not B251/252 which is what Kelley uses. I know Kelley doesn’t consider E201/202 anymore because I’m a current junior there.

4 on AP Calc counts for the business calc requirement. If you don’t score a 4, take the Calculus CLEP test which is a lot easier.

The math department at IU sucks so bad so do not take Calc or Finite there. I heard they might be getting rid of the Finite requirement but I’m not 100%. This summer is the last time they will accept Ivy Tech credit for those classes. IvyTech is a cheatcode because it’s so much easier and online asynchronous.

You have to take B251 (microeconomics) regardless of your credit situation. They do that on purpose. You used to be able to get credit but they want more $$$ so they make it microeconomics “FOR BUSINESS” (not necessary it’s literally so similar) and that’s the same case for B252 (macroeconomics for business) which is required for the kelley degree but not an icore pre req.

B251 is honestly not that hard at IU though, as someone who took it first semester with really no econ background. Math courses here are a different beast though and it’s not uncommon to see 100+ kids withdraw from the class.