AP credits.

<p>I may be putting my wagon ahead of my horse, but i am a senior in HS that will most likely be attending UGA.</p>

<p>I will have 13 AP's and two dual enrollments from GT calculus after this year, whiich puts me at 58 acceptable credits. (if i pass my 3 tests this year and both GT clac classes.) However I am not sure if UGA has a cap on how many credits they will accept, does anyone know?</p>

<p>and my AP's are: Human Geo, World History, Lang, Lit, Comp Sci, Calc AB, Chem, Environmental Science, Psychology, US History, Bio, US Gov, and Macroeconomics.</p>

<p>I am also thinking of not using my AP credits for Chem or Bio, as they were both weak classes in my HS and i am worried they will not give me a solid base of knowledge for my pre-med track. is that wise?</p>

<p>^most med schools will next except a lot of AP credit. Can you get credit for both world history and us history too?</p>

<p>No cap on AP/SATII hours (not sure exactly how dual enrollment hours are treated). </p>

<p>Most of my pre-med friends declined their biology and chemistry credit partly because they didn't want to fall behind in a higher-level course and partly because some med. schools will not allow AP credit to satisfy biology/chemistry requirements.</p>

<p>As the others have said, most med schools will not take AP credit, so you have to redo any classes that are requirements for med school (english, bio, chem, possibly math). However, send your scores to UGA anyway. I ended up retaking bio, but having those classes under my name helped me get into some classes where bio was supposed to be a pre-req (bio 2 is a prereq for genetics, but I ended up taking genetics and bio2 at the same time because the computer said I already had bio2 (from my AP credit). it helped me keep me on track)</p>

<p>thanks all! </p>

<p>@ilyssa, i believe you can, but i know lang and lit are the same credit.</p>

<p>@jenmarie, is genetics any good? because i'm thinking of maybe double majoring biology/genetics, seeing as i'll have all the extra class time from AP exemptions, and i heard genetics was an uncommon major, and therefore good for med school acceptance.</p>

<p>phillipo: If you are taking calc at GT then that should transfer over just fine. Agree with above posters that you might not want to use the science credits since you will have to continue with upper level classes in those fields.</p>

<p>The Lit/Lang will place you out of ENGL 1101 with a 3 or 4. Takes a 5 to place out of 1102.</p>

<p>The World History, US History, Macro, Govt, Human geography will fill Social Science requirements and/or World Culture requirements. Not completely sure where the Psych would fit in. And the Env Science will get you 3 credits, but as pre-med you will be taking plenty of science classes anyway.</p>

<p>Go to the UGA website and search for the AP credits page. Office</a> of the Registrar - UGA AP Credit Equivalencies</p>

<p>I wouldn't add genetics as a major just because you think it would look good for med school. I don't think it would have that much bearing on that. If you're genuinely interested in genetics, then I would check it out. I'm majoring in genetics, and I love it. I don't think genetics on its own would be very helpful, but majoring with genetics along with something else really enhances your understanding and supplements other bio majors well. I waited to add genetics as a major about midway through my genetics class. Genetics isn't an easy major, so I would make sure you know what you're getting into. But it's really fun, and I've liked all my profs I've had for classes.</p>

<p>hm, thanks jenmarie!</p>

<p>i know i will most likely double major, just because if im getting 4 free years from hope i might as well use them all, and i think i'll have plenty of extra class time what with transfer credits.</p>

<p>anyone have recommendations for the second major? first being biology</p>