AP Deadline - Do GRE Scores need to arrive by or shortly thereafter

<p>If all supporting materials arrive by the deadline and the GRE is taken before the deadline but scores arrive AFTER the deadline for a graduate (Doctoral) application -- will it be discarded as incomplete or will it be considered?</p>

<p>Obviously not (unless specifically mentioned during the application process). Generally the only thing that needs to be "completed" by the application deadline is the online application. LOR, Official Transcripts and GRE scores can arrive "later" - although, of course, if they begin evaluations soon - yours wont be touched until it they have the information they say they need (usually it is the GRE's they want before they start reviewing).</p>

<p>In general, yes the GRE scores can arrive after a deadline. Until they arrive the application is "incomplete" and will not likely be processed or reviewed. That puts you at the back of the pack.</p>

<p>Some schools define and publish a last GRE date on their website. Be careful to check for that. This kind of school wants the GRE to arrive before the deadline and have calculated the last possible test date for candidates.</p>

<p>Thanks very much</p>

<p>Everything in but the GRE will be taken next week. The website from the three schools didn't say (the way undergrad schools typically do) a last date GRE. </p>

<p>D not too worried-- lots of research experience, solid GPA and outstanding recs from renowned faculty. Female in engineering.</p>

<p>Never know -- well you know by April.</p>

<p>Thanks again. I figured that was the case-- but being bottom of the pile and last in the pile is not great either.</p>

Everything in but the GRE will be taken next week.


That might actually be a problem for schools with early application deadlines. The turnaround for graduate applications is much shorter than at the undergraduate level. </p>

<p>When I applied to PhD programs in math, several programs with December deadlines released their decisions in January. According to the Grad Cafe, several engineering PhD programs made first-round offers or interviewed applicants in January last year too.</p>