AP, Dual Enrollment

<p>Hi, I am going to be a senior next year and I am taking AP Spanish Lang, AP English Lit, AP Physics, and AP Calc AB (But taking BC) at my high school. I don't have room for anything else in my schedule so I was wondering whether I should...</p>

<p>a) self-study for an AP test (bio and/or stats, and/or micro/macroeconomics)
b) dual-enrollment at umass lowell and take the AP test
c) dual-enrollment at umass lowell without taking the AP</p>

<p>Or some combination, where I self-study for an AP and dual-enroll in a different course. FYI, the dual-enrollment is free, so I feel like I should take advantage of it somehow. At least I think it is, according to this: Information</a> for Students and Families / Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program / Massachusetts Department of Higher Education</p>

<p>Let me rephrase my question: Is it better to self-study for an ap or take a college course and the ap test? I feel self-study takes more initiative. Is it even worth it to take a dual-enrollment class?</p>

<p>First, I would like to understand why (b) is an option? Dual-enrollment credit is, IMO, a "better" credit than AP credit (not judging in terms of which preps better).</p>

<p>Second, is that Physics B or C? </p>

<p>Third, you say you're enrolling in Calc AB, "but taking BC"; by that, do you mean you're planning to self-study for BC during the year so you can just take the BC exam instead of the AB? </p>

<p>Fourth: "Students do not pay tuition or fees for courses taken through CDEP. Student who demonstrate financial need may also receive additional assistance for books, supplies, and transportation." Do you see the catch? I guess technically you wouldn't have to pay anything as long as the teacher doesn't teach by the text. </p>

<p>Fifth - last but not definitely not least - what dual-enrollment course(s) are you considering?? How in the world could anyone give you his best/most educated opinion on this?</p>