AP ECE Classes (AP or ECE path?) [ECE = DE in HS]

Daughter has been taking a good number of APs. Freshman aren’t really allowed, but she took 3 as a sophomore, 3 as a junior, and is signed up for 4 as a senior.

Several of her senior year courses are called:

AP ECE (course name)
She has Calc B/C, Env Sci, and Econ like this

This means it qualifies as an AP, as well as a UConn ECE.

Apparently there seems to be a rule where you can register for it as an ECE and pay $50 per class, or, take an AP exam for it, but not both?

  1. Would either look better for college applications. If she is signed up as a UConn ECE I think we’d also send a transcript - not sure if that is sent during application time or only after acceptance.

  2. Which is more likely to get college credit?

This line from our HS was a bit confusing:
“ Some of our ECE courses are also available for AP credit. While students may sign up for ECE credit and take the AP exam, they will only be able to utilize one form of credit at the college level. ”

Does that mean she should pay $50 to register AND pay $105 to take an AP exam, for each? And figure out what to do later?

Deadline to register for them as uconn ECE is 10/1 (a few weeks away).

Depends on the college. In our experience, my D had to jump through a lot of hoops to get her out of state school to accept ECE/DE classes, where there was a much clearer pathway for APs. Not only did she have to submit transcripts but also the entire syllabi. Those classes weren’t officially approved until a week before her classes began.


Either is fine


That means colleges won’t give double credit; it’s either/or

The college she attends may figure it out for her. Unless she attends UConn or another CT public, the ECE credit is unlikely to transfer.


This depends on the school. Our son used DE for two classes from Oregon at a California public, and they were worth more. In Chemistry for example his DE got credit for lecture and lab whereas AP would only get him out of the lecture. Check with the schools your student is interested in.

Note that if the student will be pre-med or pre-law, the college grades earned for college courses while in high school (i.e. if the courses are taken for ECE/DE credit) will be included in medical or law school applications and GPA calculations. This may be good or bad, depending on the grades.

For those not familiar with the terminology, UConn ECE or Early College Experience is a college-in-the-high-school dual enrollment program, as described at Students & Parents | UConn Early College Experience