AP English language and composition for non-native speakers

Hi CC Community,
I am a high school student doing APs from Europe. I have had 5s from all subjects I have taken(mostly sciences) up till now. However, this year I am taking English language and composition and I worry that I won´t be able to achieve a good score(at least 4) since I am non-native English-speaker and when I saw a few days ago practice multiple-choice I had a trouble with understanding(got a score of 19 in MC). Do you think it is still possible for me to achieve a good score? Do you think that a non-native student should take AP ELC? What strategies should I use to learn ELC more effectively? In class we are mostly reading some texts and discussing them, however, it does not seem to me as a very useful preparation.

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Could someone help, pleeease ?