AP English Language Scores

<p>Just wondering... did anyone feel that their score was lower than expected? I was surprised at my score and I want to know if anyone else feels this way.</p>

<p>Yes I got a 4...thought I got a 5...
As I put in my own insanity-raving post (REMEMBER my username means I can get a 2400 on a SAT-like test that measures INSANITY or hyper-activity)...
"LOL I think I had NATIVISTS grading my essays, their dislike of foreign terms (in this case, Latin argumentative classifications that I used) must have prompted them to give me the lower score than I wanted...
Rafiki the Baboon from Lion King got this idea into my head last night while I slept...</p>

<p>anyways I probably wrote one of my essays poorly...in the judges' views...hey but at least my analytical essay was the SEXIEST analytical I have ever written...even though it was inadequate for a great score</p>

<p>ADVICE TO ANYONE TAKING THE AP LANG: Reading about the different types of arguments in argument is an excellent preparation...it will make your analytical essays sexy....BUT IT MAY NOT GET YOU A great score"</p>

<p>Out of the four AP tests I took, I was most confident in the fact that I would score a 5 on this one. All the people in my English class assured me of it, my practice tests added to my confidence and... I got a 4. I guess I'm not as good an English student as I thought I was.</p>

<p>I felt the same way... english was the only test i felt totally confident that I had gotten a 5 on. I ended up with a 3, which is sad, but my first year english is required anyway. I'll just blame it on the facts that I took the class first semester, I didn't study, and we didn't do anything in the class specifically labeled "AP prep." It's obviously not my fault :)</p>