AP English lit question

<p>did anyone take and if so, how did you do? will reading the princeton review's book prepare me? I haven't really had any time to study b/c of calc and my english teacher is horrible. help!</p>

<p>Its really easy, don't worry about it. I'm not in an AP or honours class, and I never read in my spare time, I just take regular humanities, and I got a 5 on it last year as a sophmore. I also have never gotten an A on a paper at my school, so maybe my school stresses writing as only one or two kids per class finish the year with an A in Humanities. just remember with the essays to answer everything they ask. Even if you don't know how to relate syntax or metrics, still try, its better than not answering it at all. Just use your instincts and you get a good score. I don't think it is even possible to get a 3, unless you don't understand how to read.</p>

<p>i dont think its quite that easy, but its not really something you can prepare for. your either good at critical reading and analysis or you are not.</p>

<p>wow you got a 5 w/o taking the class....
me, on th eother hand, did take the class- got a 2</p>

<p>... Oh goodness. </p>

<p>So this makes me more nervous.</p>

<p>There aren't really ways to prepare for the Exam except for picking out a few books for the open-ended free response question. BTW, on ALL the free response, all you have to do is </p>

<li> Get the meaning of the poem or prose passage.</li>
<li> Relate how literary devices contributes to the meaning of the work
as a whole.</li>

<p>That's what they ask almost every year, so if you can do those 2 things, you can pass (but passing is not good enough!)</p>

<p>The MC is just beefed up SAT I questions.</p>