AP English or AP Art History - RISD

<p>The first period elective they are offering in my school for seniors has both, and I'm torn. At first they weren't even going to offer it because the teacher teaching it was going on Sabbatical next year, so I thought for sure I'm taking AP English, because I love it, and I'm good at it, and I'm ace at writing. But then they sent out an e mail, also offering AP Art History, and I want to go to RISD, so which one should I take?
Would it make a difference for RISD?
I Really want to take both but can't.
(I'm also taking photography this year, and Advanced studio Art. Next year is AP Art and Journalism, since I would like to go into photojournalism)</p>

<p>Is this AP English Language or Literature? I definitely believe that your core courses should be a priority. English isn’t an elective, while Art History is.</p>

<p>Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you don’t take AP Art History even if you’re going to apply at RISD. Take the class that you like and that you’ll do better in. There’s no point in taking an AP class if you do poorly in the class and on the AP exam. It will look good if you take an AP Art History class, but it won’t effect your admissions that much.
What really matters is your portfolio. Even if you have a good grade, if your portfolio is not good enough, the chance will be very low.
I’m a senior right now and I didn’t apply to RISD, but I applied to VCU and MICA and got into both. So if you have any questions about art feel free to ask me.
Good luck!</p>