AP english? please respond-deadline tomorrow

<p>i'm in ap english (more oriented towards lit) right now, and i would say that i'm average, A- to B range
however, i'm not sure how well i would do on the exam, especially considering the (recently learned) fact that my teacher doesn't do that great a job of prepping us for the test. in addition, i heard something about umich not considering any score on either ap english tests as satisfactory for the first year english requirement. can anyone explain this please?
and so should i take the exam? the deadline to submit registration for tests is tomorrow</p>

<p>I think that you still can receive credit for the college-level English course, it's just that you will still need to take additional at the university to fulfill the actual requirement. So from my understanding, you basically (if you get a 4-5) receive credit for a 3 credit hour English class, but will still need to take additional English to satisfy the college requirements. </p>

<p>University</a> of Michigan - Office of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>You don't need to take the AP english exam unless you plan on doing the bare minimum number of credits in college to the point where the addition of 3 credits from an AP test will give you enough to graduate. As atl said, it won't let you place out of any courses.</p>

<p>I wouldn't waste the time/energy/money.</p>