AP English textbook

<p>Somehow in our school we dont have an AP English Language textbook and we can't take that class as a junior..(my school is weird).
But anyways, what is the best AP English textbook out there??</p>

<p>My class didn't have a text book...you don't need one...we just had a lot lot lot lot lot of books, and we had to use the Norton Anthology of American Literature because juniors in my school take Am Lit...it's a great anthology if it is something like that that you are looking for...but you don't need and actual textbook which you use exclusively.</p>

<p>Yeah we don't have a textbook either. I mean we have one but we never use it - it just stays in the classroom all the time. We just read novels/plays, take notes on aspects of the novels/plays (Greek Tragedy for Oedipus the King, existentialism for The Stranger, etc.). Plus we do a significant amount on poetry.</p>

<p>What do you guys read?? Because my class is probably really behind...my school has a 5-10% passing rate in English...what do you think I should do?? any help??</p>

<p>I suppose most people in lang simply read books like Sound and the Fury.</p>