AP English Without Taking the Class


I am wondering how difficult it is for a student to pass the AP English Lang and Comp test without taking the class. I have taken Advanced Composition and passed with an A. I would definitely be open to self studying but I am not quite sure what to study and if it will be beneficial. Are there any tips from anyone who has done this in the past? I would be shooting for a 4 but a 3 would help me as well. Please leave your opinion below!!

What would be the goal? The consensus opinion seems to be that self-studying for AP exams doesn’t help for admissions, but might be a way to get course credit at some schools.

The goal is simply to pass out of a Freshman English/Composition class at the University of Alabama. I have already been accepted and am in the Honors College there. I just want to graduate fast and want to waste as little time (and money) as possible!

Ok, then that could work. According to the ua.edu website, you can get 3 credit hours for a 3 and 6 credit hours for a 4:

English Language & Composition    3   EN 101          3   FC
English Language & Composition  4   EN 101 & EN 102 6   FC

The Barrons study guides are usually helpful. I used it to self-study and test out of Spanish.

Damon, thank you for your help. I will look into the study guide!

Good luck! Maybe someone with specific experience self-studying for AP English Comp Lang will chime in.

If you have the classwork done already even though it wasnt an AP class, you probably could take the AP Lang test and do well by self-studying whatever you missed. it’s a relatively easier test compared to AP Eng Lit.