AP Environmental Curve?

<p>Does anyone know what the raw score range (or percent correct range) is to get a 5 (roughly)? Any idea for a 4?


<p>my apes teacher had a curve to one of the tests. i dont remember most of it though</p>

<p>i think a 102-150 is a 5
80-101 is a 4
0-52 is a 1</p>

<p>if that gives you any idea. i think you need a 65ish in order to get a 3</p>

<p>102 is a 5?? I've never heard of such a harsh APES curve. You sure about that? For one of the released exams it was 91, which is about 8% off of 102. I sure hope it's not 102! :-/</p>

<p>^yeah it was 102. i don't know which test year it was though.</p>