AP Euro and UC gen ed requirements

My son is taking AP Euro in sophomore year, will this satisfy the gen ed requirement for UC/CSU ? He has to take US history next year so wondering if he needs to take APUSH to get further credits or AP euro is enough

Depends on the college. For UCB and UCD specifically:

UCB L&S does not accept AP credit for the 7-course breadth requirement: Seven-Course Breadth | L&S Advising . UCB CoE allows AP credit to satisfy no more than two lower division humanities or social studies courses: Humanities and Social Sciences - Berkeley Engineering

UCD does not allow AP credit to satisfy general education requirements, except that some divisions may allow for English composition: General Education Requirements | General Education

Applicability of AP credit may differ for students starting at community colleges and getting IGETC certification before transfer to UCB or UCD.

You need to check each UC and CSU do determine if GE credit will be given for AP Euro. AP credit at UCD and UCLA cannot be used to fulfill GE requirements so it will vary from school to school. Having one son attend a UC and another at a CSU, the CSU’s in general are more generous with AP credit.

From UCD website:

AP credit cannot be used to satisfy the campus general education (GE) requirements, except as they may be applied to the English Composition component of the Literacy with Words and Images requirement.

To show how colleges differ, here we see that SJSU lists general education areas fulfilled by AP scores:

Thank you so much
I see each UC are so different. Will taking community college classes work out better in getting credits ?

Are you concerned about getting credit so that your son does not need to take the course in college or are trying to make sure he has fulfilled his A-G requirements in order to be eligible to apply to a UC?

mostly for college credits …most of these classes will fulfil the a-g requirements.

See https://www.assist.org to see which community college courses articulate to which UC and CSU courses.