AP Euro Help Thread.

well i know that we have another AP euro thread going, but i thought that this could help some people…</p>

pretty straight forward. People can post on here any guides that they used, people can ask questions, and people can just try to prepare for tomorrow. </p>

With that being said, good luck to everyone tomorrow!</p>

Need an outline of the women’s role in society throughout. Thanks!!!</p>

<a href=“http://historysage.com/jcms/images/stories/Euro_PDFs/Women_in_European_History.pdf[/url]”>http://historysage.com/jcms/images/stories/Euro_PDFs/Women_in_European_History.pdf</a></p>

here ya go :]</p>

I LOVE YOU. I can’t believe I am just finding this now… CRAM CRAM CRAM.</p>

As of now my biggest fear is not knowing the answer to any of the FRQs from before 1789.</p>

I guess since one will most likely be on women though, you saved me and they can be my last resort. :)</p>

THANKS GUMMI…needed that!</p>

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This website was great! All the book notes quizzes and lectures I needed. Received a 5 no problem.</p>