AP Euro History Waste of Time?

<p>Since I m majoring into engineering (chemical in fact), will getting AP Euro history credits help? Or is it a waste of effort and time? </p>

<p>It may help with general education requirements, but you’d have to check with your university.</p>

<p>Agree with the gen eds, but don’t take it in lieu of something like AP Physics C or AP Calc. AP Physics B is algebra-based, so schools don’t look at it as favorably (so we were told by an engineering dean)</p>

<p>They look at physics B favorable to non physics at all, though. It just will never be favorable if you opted for that when physics C was an option.</p>

<p>Take it. You’ll be glad you did.</p>

<p>FYI, University of Iowa will not accept AP Physics, even with a score of 5, because it isn’t calc based.</p>

<p>Some universities will take AP Euro History as a Gen Ed course requirement. I’ve knocked out 7 course hours with AP Human Geography and US History.</p>

<p>AP Physics C Mechanics is Calc based.</p>

<p>AP US and EURO knocked out a couple courses from my gen ed. </p>

<p>Studying history is not a waste of time!</p>


Any physics is better than no physics. A college won’t hold it against a student because they took an algebra-based physics versus calculus-based. </p>

<p>Anywho…take AP Euro History if you enjoy it. You might be able to know out some general education requirements with your AP score.</p>

<p>Please, learn early on that just because something is unrelated to engineering does NOT make it a waste of time. Apply this to college. Not everything you do must be related to engineering!</p>