AP Euro is killing me please help

<p>Ok, i try hard in this class, i do every homework assignment, i do the daily textbook readings, and review notes. Yet, I ALWAYS get low test scores, why???</p>

<p>I am a sophomore now and there are some other sophomores in my class that have 98%'s in the class. I have a 79.5%. And that 79.5% was the first quarter grade of the 1st semester, we have just started the 2nd quarter, and after getting our Louis XIV, France wars of expansion, and the Glorious Revolution Test back, I received the lowest grade in my class, a WHOPPING 18/40</p>

<p>This test was superrr hard, our teacher said she actually took some real AP Exam questions from previous years and put them on our test. I don't know why I do so bad, I get almost everything wrong, even though I study like hell. But her tests are like this (Ex.)</p>

a. (she puts an answer here that is almost exactly like choice b).
b. (she puts an answer here that did not contribute to the decline)
c. (she puts an answer here that ALSO did not contribute to the decline - what the f?)
d. she puts an answer that's similar to choice's a and b
e. "None of the above."</p>

<p>and this test, as well as the majority of class tests having those questions, ^ A LOT OF THEM.</p>

<p>And i always think i'm right, but then i get them wrong. Yet the other people who have 97% get 35/40; I ask them how they study and they said they just read the textbook and review the notes. THAT's exactly what I do!</p>

<p>Can somebody help me plz, I really want to keep a B average in the class at least, I have a C- now since that last F on the test. </p>

<p>Next week we have a test on the Scientific Revolution, I would appreciate some help from one of you Euro experts. Please.</p>

<p>My screename is in my profile. Please help me</p>

<p>eww euro...we've just finished the cath/prot wars and peace of westphalia, fall of the habsburgs rise of france stuff.</p>

<p>but anyway, if reading + reviewing notes isn't working, try taking your own notes as you read. either summarize each paragraph in a sentence after you read it or outline. always worked for me, and now i just have to read the book twice.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>get Modern European History by Birdsall S. Viault. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It is THE AP Euro bible.</p>

<p>aww i loved ap euro. that was my favorite class last year. i'd recommend getting one of the ap review textbooks now. its really useful to read the little summaries as you go along, helps clarify things i think. what book do you have? i know the textbook we used had quizzes and outlines on their website. good luck and enjoy it, because its ten billion times more interesting the ap gov, which is what i have now.</p>

<p>I know how you feel - I study so much. My friend studies the class period beforehand and does better. The weird thing is, she is a terrible writer! Bah. I am currently pulling a D because I completely flunked the last test, but some how last quarter I was about to pull a B. It's a tough class, I feel your pain. The funny thing is, it's my worst class (grade-wise) but my favorite class. </p>

<p>What has helped is Modern Euro History (as WrathofGod said, it is my bible) and Princeton Review AP Euro is helpful too. Also, maybe outline the pages you read? It takes forever and is tedious, but it helps (me at least). Although, I suppose none of this sounds too helpful because of my terrible current grade. Bah. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Oh, and it truely is so much better than AP Gov't. I'm taking both this year, and Gov't bores me to tears.</p>

<p>I know what you feel I got back my in class essay and it was a wonderful D. My teacher usually gives us a chance to redo assignments but he did'nt this time so I am basically failing. I wanted to drop out at midterm but he did'nt let me but now I am going to drop the class.
I suggest talking to your teacher and make a plan to study for the next test,</p>

<p>i'm sorry to hear that. But i seriously think u should just read the book. All i do for AP euro is read the book nothing else. However, during the process i kind of connect it to other things so i can effectively write an essay. I think you should kind of start participating in class. Like even on days i don't do the reading i ask questions and start discussions that way i really know the history and stuff. Try it.</p>

<p>Do you by any chance cram the night before a test? Don't. Study nightly. If you take an extensive amount of notes during class, reread them at night.</p>

<p>AP Euro is for seniors where I go. They all take a CRAZY amount of notes. Along with Calc, it's the hardest class in the school. I would say get help from some outside resources too, like that book wrath suggested.</p>

<p>so u r the guy who IMed me?</p>

<p>I'm in AP World History right now. The class is so hard. The class is pretty easy, but the tests are pretty hard. He gives like so precise questions. No one has gotten like more than 60 out of 70. The highest grade was like a 94. Only like 5 people out of a 75 got that. </p>

<p>I would say when you study something go home and review the material for a few minutes or like however long it takes. Maybe form a study group.</p>

<p>well.....part thats part of the reason that we left Europe and started America....its too confusing!!!</p>

<p>that test (that i just failed 18/40) was all multiple choice and she makes it SO HARD. I don't know why...will that book (Modern European History) really help me......because I already have my textbook and if that book just gives small summaries then i don't think that it will help much for my test.</p>

<p>For example she makes a HARD HARD question</p>

<p>What contributed to the high prosperity of the Dutch Republic?
a. literary accomplishments
b. mercantilism economic policies
c. the trade that included exports and imports from other countries in teh HRE
d. allying with other nations to aid at war times.
e. None of the above</p>

<p>What the F*? A, B, and are ALL RIGHT. But she says the answer is C.
Well in her notes it said that all of these contributed to the Dutch's success. I seriously don't get it.</p>

<p>my ap euro teacher is supposedly the or one of the hardest in the high school, but i haven't had any trouble in his class. then again, it's the only class i think i've ever genuinely liked learning and actually do all the work for. but he also likes to rant how much easier he has made his class over the years past. so who knows</p>

<p>as for that question, you have to choose what is the BEST answer. i disagree, as A isn't that important, and B is certainly true but C encompasses not only mercanilitistic policies but also interaction with other countries, which is generally important to a country's economic success. </p>

<p>of course, if she is misleading you in her notes, then you should point that out--i did that a lot with my sophomore year English teacher. have you even asked her for help?</p>

<p>yes give her mad questions right before the test or during lunch</p>

<p>What is your main textbook? My teacher put the same question on his test, and the book we're using practically bolded it in red color, so for us it was an easy one. Modern Euro History actually will help. It gives little summaries, yes, but in more specific areas, so it's easier to digest if you use that for review. (So I think)</p>

<p>sry to give u a plain answer but it is the BEST answer u choose. </p>

<p>a. literary accomplishments (these r mostly the result of the prosperity and seriously selling books and art pieces don't give u much prosperity unless u have the circumstances like trade network u set up or a PORT.)
b. mercantilism economic policies
(true to some extent but seriously it's the dutch it's about freedom and tolerance. They don't have a strong central government so it's not really mercantilistic like France or Great Britain. Dutch never passed any thing liek the Navigation Acts.)
c. the trade that included exports and imports from other countries in teh HRE(Trade is really all the dutch is about. Everything revolves around it. Literary improvements? Only possible b/c trade brings new merchandise and prosperity along with new experiences and diversity. Trade is the core here really and you have to look for the core.)
d. allying with other nations to aid at war times.(u know this one i assume)
e. None of the above</p>

<p>the one thing that ****es me off is none of the above. that means it could be anything although none of the above is rarely correct.</p>

<p>i remember in my h precalc my teacher gave us tests that were mostly multiple choice that always had none of the above. he was the only teacher though that would give you 4 out of 5 points even if you picked the wrong answer but showed all your work even if it was BS work but TONS of it. thats how i aced that class. and he always was more lienient on the points taken off if you put none of the above instead of one of the other wrong answers for some reason. that dude rocked.</p>

<p>Hey I'm in AP Euro too. We had our test on the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment plus Baroque and Neoclassical Art. I studied my @$$ off to get an A.</p>

<p>That class is TOO hard.</p>

<p>BTW, the textbook that we are using is Civilization: Past & Present by Brummet. Its really dense and poorly organized, but it has good pics/graphs/maps and its pretty straightforward. Its a beast to carry tho.</p>

<p>thanks for the analyzation of the test question she gave us guys. really helps. But really, I just don't know how to choose the right answer sometimes, especially when they are worded really weird (with hard vocabulary sometimes that mean the opposite of what really happened...and if you dont know the vocab then you get it wrong).</p>

<p>about the a, b, c, d, e, I HATE IT that there are ALWAYS 5 frikken choices for each answer!</p>

<p>Btw the textbook we use for our class is called Western Civilization since 1300 by Jackson J. Spielvogel</p>

<p>I am going to buy that book Modern European History tomorrow, I really hope it helps me for the next test on the Scientific Rev. next friday. I really need an A on this test (though i highly doubt i will get an A since i've only gotten C+'s on tests that i study hard for)</p>

<p>is AP Euro seriously the hardest AP? I wonder why because AP Euro is only offered for sophomores at my school and there are a lot of A's in my class. There are no D's or F's even...(except probably me now since I bombed the last test).</p>

<p>But really, thanks for the help guys, I hope that book will help me. Also about the literary accomplishments the Dutch republic had, i'm sure that is correct since on her notes she put
Dutch Republic
Culture: Literary Accomplishments (H. Grotius and B. Spinoza)
Science: - Founding of Biological Sciences (A. Van Leeuvenhook and J. Swammerdan)
Religion: religious tolerance boosts economy - shipping inddustry and fishing industry
Bank of Amsterdam</p>

<p>that was what was under her notes about the Dutch Republic. and like 3 of those were put as answer choices yet if you chose that it was marked wrong. </p>

<p>Does anyone else use Western Civilization since 1300 byb Jackson J. Spielvogel?</p>