AP Euro Study Methods!

<p>Looking for some tips on how to study for the Euro test, its almost here ><
My teacher said to just go through each time period one by one and know the main things that happened, and after you get that down focus on the specifics. Also, know 3-4 artists from each cultural period really well.</p>

<p>Anyone have any other advice?</p>

<p>I took this test last year. Princeton Review book was great!!!!!!!!! It's an easy read and gives you a good overview as well as important details that do show up on the test. Art is a very important thing to know, and if i remember correctly there were many questions asking what type of art a certain painting represented. Definately study types of art. I ended up with a 4 with about a week of cramming. It's a hard test in my opinion, so study a lot.</p>

<p>I also took the test last year. I went through the entire book and took notes on all of the important dates/people/events. It really helps to take notes rather than just reading through the book. I got a 5.</p>

<p>I took the test last year. I got a 5</p>

<p>Buy the Princeton Review book. Do nothing. On the morning of the test, quickly review the Glorious Revolution. Take test. Leave.</p>

<p>lol Lolok1214 i wish</p>

<p>For AP Euro I'm planning to just read Modern European history by Viault. I've just started the book but I feel really confident. I'm also planning to know 2-3 time periods that I enjoy learning about really well. I'm thinking these will probably be The Reformation, French Revolution, and both World Wars/holocaust. I'm also planning on doing a couple practice tests. (I got a 3 before I started prepping, but hoping by prepping I will be able to get a 4-5!) I'm a little worried about the essays and DBQ's but I've heard the curve for multiple choice is relatively easy.</p>

<p>I think I will be a dissenter on this thread.</p>

<p>I got PR last year, and I thought it was horrible and entirely useless. I reviewed for 2 days (just got back from debate ntls, history is my fav. subject, and took World History - which is good precursor to Euro) - and tried doing tests in the book. Didn't do that awesome...but some of the questions and the review material in the book were horrible. My impression of it was entirely useless...I think it's only good for touching up on some of the stuff that is major...otherwise the review is very shallow. It's best to go over the DBQ core standards, and set up an individual timeline of important events the day before the test - don't have to memorize the dates, but know the events in relation to each other, and cause and effect. </p>

<p>I would get either REA or Barron's. I got PR to save time, but I really think it's just a waste of money. Skimming Barron's would be the best deal, if you don't have the time to really study.</p>


<p>most underrated part of the ap euro test: the DBQ.</p>

<p>I read princeton review which put me in the 4 range; a good DBQ gave me a 5.</p>

<p>The DBQ is worth almost as much as both the essays so make sure your DBQ is good...even if you don't even know where europe is you can write a good DBQ, so do it! (& you'll at least pass)</p>

<p>Answer? Don't take it. I dropped AP Euro! W000t.</p>

<p>Took it last year (got a 5). </p>

<p>Here was my method of success:</p>

<p>Read Modern European History by Viault during the year but not during prep for the ap test
Buy the PR and REA but don't read any of it (took 2 practice tests out of REA, both out of Euro)
Read some outlines online</p>

<p>Viola. 5.</p>

<p>I used the Princeton Review last year, but it wasn't that great. It really is only meant for a quick review, so events are organized much more generally, which I don't like. I got a 4, but if I would have had another two or three weeks I would certainly have reviewed Modern European History by Viault more (I didn't realize how helpful it was until it was too late), and I bet I would have gotten a 5 (the multiple choice was definitely my weakness during the test, simply because I didn't know the facts enough).</p>

<p>cliffs was great for it..i used it and got a 5, but my teacher was awesome too</p>