Ap euro vs ap ush

<p>Which do you think was harder, and since I took Euro this year will that help a lot for USH? I'm asking because I took Euro this year and got a 4, but it was a TON of work, so much in fact that I might not even take USH if it is harder, so I'm just trying to get some opinions from people.</p>

<p>woot just got my ap scores today, got a 5 on US history and I was probably one of the laziest people in the class. The class was tougher for me than the actual AP exam which I barely studied for, so imo people can study for the APUSH exam and get a 5 with just a few hours of studying a week using a review book (used AMSCO) within a few months. I didn't even read my APUSH textbook after the first five chapters, except for doing essential questions which were these weekly assignments where I had to answer questions one page in length and even then I only just skimmed to find info that went with the question) Since you're taking the class, you can get a 5 with relative ease. Idk about Euro though :[</p>

<p>Euro won't help you on the APUSH exam content-wise.</p>

<p>But by you having taken Euro, you have acquainted yourself with the format of an AP history exam - lot of M/C questions and 3 essays ;).</p>

<p>USH is, in my opinion, the easiest of the 3 history APs and, as a CC'er, you'll be fine</p>