AP Euro, which book?

<p>Ok, so my teacher for next year is not awesome. Bu he assigned us a reading assignment. We have to read a book about the class over the Summer. (ridiculous? I think so) Idk which one to read. He gave us a choice:</p>

Crash Course
5 steps</p>

<p>He did not like ap achiever or kaplan. He said we can use it for our own studies. Which shold I go with? (for Summer)</p>

<p>I personally used PR and found the test not too difficult, so I suppose I'd recommend that one.</p>

<p>That's actually a good idea.</p>

<p>Crash Course is the best IMO. It'll give you a great overview of Euro, and you'll know all the topics before you cover them in class. It's also the shortest read.</p>

<p>DS used both PR and 5 steps. He and study partners all preferred 5 steps.</p>

<p>^I used both books to study and I'd say that 5 Steps is much easier to read than PR, but PR is more helpful for the exam and has more accurate MC.</p>

<p>For summer reading, I would recommend MEH, but for reviewing/preparing for the exam, I would use PR and Crash Course.</p>

<p>I really liked AP Achiever and disliked PR (AP Achiever was more interesting). However, you probably want to consider MEH for the summer since you have more time.</p>

<p>I used PR and Barrons to prep for the exam. PR gives detailed overviews of the material. Barrons gives the critical info that you need and not much more, which I found nice because that allows me to test my surrounding knowledge. I used both books simultaneously.</p>

<p>If you need credibility, I got a 5 and the test was incredibly easy.</p>

<p>I generally try to avoid Kaplan for any AP/SAT prep. I think it doesn't give enough in-depth information.</p>

<p>To be best prepared for the class, read MEH. It is the best book out there for an in-depth coverage of the material. If you just want to get through the reading assignment, read PR. Whatever you choose, be sure to use both of those books throughout the year and you'll be more than ready for the exam.</p>

<p>If you're looking for the shortest and most AP test focused read, check Crash Course out for sure.</p>

<p>Thanks for the great advice!</p>

<p>Crash Course - I read it in one day for the AP exam. So, if you do not want to waste time, Crash Course is the way to go.</p>

<p>For my perspective of AP Achiever, it's actually a good review book.</p>

<p>Definitely Crash Course.</p>

<p>I had Viault (sp?), AP Achiever, and Crash Course. </p>

<p>Crash Course > AP Acheiver > Viault</p>

<p>(In terms of time efficiency and stuff that was actually on the AP test.)</p>