AP Euro

<p>Anyone got any bright ideas on how to study for the Chapter tests?</p>

<p>My school uses the McKay book, and so far ive gotten 23/37 and 23/40 on the last two tests. Ive been reading my notes and rewriting them into an outline, but that just doesn't seem to help me. Plus, I'm past the cut-off date for AP Euro to drop it, so im stuck in it for the whole semester, so i desperately need a good grade in it. My grade right now is a 61.08%.</p>



<p>bump >.< .</p>

<p>Surprisingly I like ap euro? Weird huh? But I have like an 95% in the class, & what I do is reaaad a crap load, & my teacher assign A LOT of work, which "helps" because I know it more. Also online has a lot of quizzes & stuff for practice, like flashcards (quizlet) </p>

<p>GOOOD LUCK! :D</p>

<p>I'd also suggest using the websites of a lot of the other publishers to study by using their flashcards and online quizzes as well. Quiz questions are quiz questions, and they'll help your brain think critically. Have you tried also asking your teacher about effective ways to study? Maybe she's imagining that students need to do a, b, and c to do well in the class, and you're doing x, y, and z.</p>