AP European History Help?

I’m nervous about this one… any help?</p>

help with what?</p>

i dont really know, anything that would help my score, like specific things to study or something to focus on? im kidna horrible at history, haha</p>

For the FRQ:</p>

You will be given 15 minutes to plan. Look through the DBQ, analyze documents, and do all the planning you usually do for that. I got lucky; my AP Euro teacher made us pick one of three books to read for summer reading, and the one I picked (King Leopold’s Ghost) happened to cover the DBQ’s topic of imperialism in Africa, so I had a lot of outside information for that.</p>

Try to finish your planning on the DBQ, outline and thesis included, with a few minutes to spare. Then go to the other essays and decide which two you will write on and start brainstorming outside information.</p>

Then when the planning period is up, write the DBQ using your outline and thesis, basically fleshing it out. Then move on to the essays and do essentially the same thing. Remember four-five paragraphs, intro and conclusion included, and use a lot of outside information but don’t forget to analyze the documents or information. Most importantly, make sure you are answering the question!</p>

I used this strategy and it maximized my time for the essay portion, and maximized the quality. I think I may have gotten a 9 on the DBQ, a 7 on the first essay, and an 8-9 on the last one.</p>

Good luck!</p>

Thanks a lot! I’m bad at remembering history stuff, but i guess until friday im just gonna be studying Euro so hopefully i’ll remember stuff. I’m guessing you got a 5?</p>

Yeah, I got a 5. History and social sciences are my favorite/best subjects, though, so yeah. haha</p>

alritey, is there any time period in particular that i would need to focus on the most?</p>

I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t remember. I would focus less on post-WWII Europe other than the major Cold War stuff, if I remember correctly, though we did have one essay that covered that.</p>

I know APUSH has a setup where the Civil War is the centerpoint and half the exam is about America before then, and half after. There may be a similar setup to the Euro exam, though I don’t remember. Ask your instructor maybe?</p>

mmkay, im probably thinking napoleon is the mid point-ish</p>

I would argue more French Revolution. Speaking of which, KNOW THE FRENCH REVOLUTION.</p>


I believe like 50% of the MCQ’s are based on history during and before the French Revolution. That last 50% I want to say may be divided on its own ‘midpoint’, but no idea.</p>

sweet, thanks! have you taken this before?</p>

On the FRQs (Not the DBQ), don’t they tend to set it up so that the first set of them where you pick 1 of 3 is earlier history and the second set of 3 is later stuff, so that you have to do one 1500s/1600s/1700s thing and one 1800s/1900s thing?</p>

I have no clue, is it possible to study like the next few days a pull out a 5?</p>

It’s possible, depending on what else you have to do. If you have nothing else this week, then you could probably. I might be able to get a 5 simply because my teacher has taught this much higher than AP/freshman college level. I would only just be worried that he hasn’t taught what the AP exam focuses on because he says “I’m gonna teach you European History”, very far approach from a “teach-to-the-AP-test” idea, so that’s all I’m worried about. I have tons of crap to study though from class, which I’m working with now. Except, I have 3 other AP tests in between now and AP Euro, so that’s a problem…</p>

oh god dude… that sucks, 5 ap tests in one week? im soooo sorry, ahah. aiming for national ap scholar?</p>

Yes, one of the AP awards would be nice after this week! But mainly, I just really want come into college with like a year done in AP credits or more. I’m doing 2 majors, plus a minor maybe, so AP credit is necessary, and one of those majors is music, which has over double the number of credits for most majors anyways.</p>

good luck dude! im tryign to get national ap scholar by the end of junior year…</p>

JoalFL, how many AP tests are you taking? Aren’t you a sophomore? I only took 1 as a sophomore!</p>

I’m only taking 3, ahah. the other one is AP eng language . next year im taking 5…so im gonna be…yeahh…</p>