AP European History or AP World History?

My school doesn’t offer any AP classes, but I wanted to take a couple online through an accredited provider. However, I can’t decide between AP World History and AP European History. People have said that some universities don’t offer credit for AP World History (since it’s only been around for a few years), which is why I’m leaning towards European. They also said that European looks better on college applications. I don’t want to take the course simply because “it looks better on my application,” but seeing as that I honestly have no personal preference for one over the other, does anybody else have suggestions on which one I should take?

At my school, AP world is a joke. Tons of people say the class/test is very easy, and few get actual college credit. AP Euro is well respected. There is a good ammount of reading that goes into doing well, and the test is not easy. The credit transfers to most schools, making it actually worth it. I would definitely recommend euro>world. Not only does it “look better”, but you would actually be compensated for your work.

Chance me?

@ChiefMonger Thanks for your answer! I definitely want to get college credit for the exam, so I think I’m going to take AP Euro :slight_smile:

I took world my freshman year and like the above comment mentioned, the class was a joke, and I had to self study for my 4. However, while world is less respected and some colleges don’t offer credit, there are some positives: world (in my opinion) is an easier test than euro, from what I’ve heard from friends. Also, taking world first can help prepare you for other AP courses such as APUSH and euro, for that matter. I will say though that world was extremely hard to “self study” for because there was just so much information.
Overall, I would agree and say take euro, but I just wanted to mention some positives to taking world.

@Hailee8 Thanks for answering! I think I’m going to take European History, but I agree that World History definitely seems to have its advantages :slight_smile: