AP Exam acceptance at UC Santa Cruz

I go to a california community college and I currently have 45 transferable credits, I am currently filing my tag application for cognitive science at UC Santa Cruz, I know that 60 credits are required, but I have 16 AP Exam credits as well that are supposedly transferrable based on the tag planner, I got all 3s and 4s, but have heard that some AP Exams are not accepted for transfer if they have anything to do with your major, but I wanted to know if there was a place I could go to definitely decide whether they will be accepted or not so I can plan out my course selection for next semester and go hard for 15 more units to make sure, or chill out and just take my one more required course



Also check your intended major at UCSC about AP acceptance.

Be sure to use the UC values for AP credit, which may differ from that of your current college. Note that UC gives 4 or 8 quarter units for most AP scores, but that is 2.7 or 5.3 * semester * units toward the 60 to transfer.

AP credit that is repeated by a college course does not count.