AP Exam Answer Sheet Name Wrong

On most of my AP Exams on the Answer Sheets for multiple choice, I bubbled in my name so that it ended on the rightmost square. Basically the first few boxes (from the left) for first & last name were blank and then the rightmost box had the last letter. On the day of my final exam, a teacher said that you are supposed to start from the left. I couldn’t find anything mentioning this, but will this affect my scores? I put an AP ID Sticker on all the sheets and I bubbled the other information correctly but I worry that the name being wrong could mess with my scores.

No, how you justify your name will not affect your score.

Ok so they would still be able to identify me through it? The teacher told me it was wrong to write it the way I did, but I was never told that before.

You can be quite confident that College Board is capable of sub-stringing an entry field to determine the correct text.

Thanks, the teacher made it sound really bad so I was stressing about it when I shouldn’t have.