AP Exam if your current school doesn’t offer AP classes

Those who are familiar with the process to register for AP Exam if your current school doesn’t offer AP classes, would you mind explain the process? My understanding is first to find schools near you that offer the courses, contact the AP coordinator there and pay the fee and fill the paperwork if any(assume that the schools agree to take students from other schools for AP exam). Does anything else need to be done at the college board website?

No. You explained it perfectly.

Thank you. I got confused while reading college board website instructions:
Register for AP Exams

  1. Ensure you’ve joined your class section online.
    Sign in to My AP (My AP Login – College Board) with your College Board account and make sure you’ve joined your class section. If you haven’t, you’ll need to follow the steps to join your section online (/access-your-ap-resources/join-your-class-online).

It is then asking for join code. I assume that this is for students taking AP class at their current school.

There are two kinds of College Board AP codes. One has to do with taking a class through AP certified provider (online class, regular school, etc) and being able to access the AP online classroom offered by CB. The other code is for the exam only.

Once you find a school where you can take the AP exam, the school will provide you with an exam only code. You will then enter the code into you College Board account.

Thank you!

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