AP exam registration missed deadline

Hello, I’m trying to retake some AP exams that I didn’t get 5 on. Is it too late to register for the exam? On the Collegeboard website, it says deadline is from November 13th ~ March 12, but it’s only for students who were unable to find schools to order AP exam for them. If my school does offer AP exam and I missed the November 13th deadline, is there anyway I could pay extra fees to order my exam and take it on May like everyone else?


This is a question for your school. They should be able to accommodate a late request with a late fee.

So… as long as my school offers AP exams that I’m trying to retake, I just need to pay some extra fees and I should be good to go, right?

Potentially. But ask.

They are under no obligation to order an exam if you are not registered for the course.

Now whether retaking an exam is worth the time and money is a different question.

If my school says they can’t order an exam, what other options do I have? Could I go to a nearby school to take the test if they offer one?

You would need to contact other schools. But be aware, because of the oandemic, many are only ordering tests for their iwn students.

Again, you need to ask your school. If they can’t help you then next you can contact College Board about taking it elsewhere. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to sign up for an AP test at your school even if not enrolled for the course, students do it all the time. The late fee is the issue. Many schools however, due to covid are definitely being more flexible since they don’t know if tests are going to be administered in person or not, even though College Board is planning in person. We haven’t even paid for our school yet and normally the fees were due months ago. They’re also letting us cancel right up to the day of the test this year, once we do pay, which normally there is a penalty to do so. Every school will handle it different though and since we don’t work at your school, we can’t really answer. They need to have proctors to monitor you if in person if no one else is taking that Exam, as well as order it, so I would email the AP administrator at your school as soon as vacation end.

If school can’t order it, another option is to see if the college you’re planning to attend has placement tests you can take, or if they accept CLEP exams.

I see… I will make sure to contact my school tomorrow morning and see what happens. This was really helpful! Thank you!