AP Exam Results and Harvard

<p>heyy :) okay so idk what happened, but I somehow ended up with a 2 on the AP Government Exam (I took this my freshman year, by the way). I know that Harvard (and most of the other good school around here) doesn't even give credit for AP Government, but do you think I should retake the test anyways? Or should I just delete the score and forget about it? I had a 97 in the class by the way. I'm just so confused as to what I should do. My grades are practically flawless and I'm an avid tennis player (haha hence my username?) and I'm taking AP Calculus BC and AP World History this year. Suggestions please? Thank you so much :)</p>

<p>AP test scores are self-reported on applications.</p>

<p>Ooooh really? Awesome, thanks :slight_smile: So should I retake it anyways? Or just delete it and move on?</p>