AP exams and admissions

<p>My daughter just finished her Junior year. She took 3 AP classes and, while she did okay in the classes (B's), she tanked the AP exams (2, 2, 1). Do college admissions look at the AP scores for admissions? Or just for credit? Will good performance senior year help ameliorate this? </p>


<p>She should not report the scores and colleges don't really look at AP courses for admissions. She will not be able to get any credit for these courses though.</p>

<p>Since she won't be able to get credit for those scores, I'd say don't bother reporting them. If she does way better senior year, you could possibly report those AP scores, although it seems like colleges can see all your AP scores if you report any of them.. so that's something to consider.</p>

<p>Don't report them. And it won't be a significant detriment, as in it won't make the difference between a rejection and an admission really.</p>

<p>AP Microeconmics - 2 (horrible teacher)
AP Stats - 3
AP U.S. history - 4</p>

<p>colleges already have my scores so it's pointless to try to hide it on my app. will it look bad (the 2 in microecon mostly)?</p>