AP exams... how much do they matter in admission?

<p>I see all those stats with several 5 scores on AP Exams, and I'm quite disencouraged because I didn't take any AP exams.</p>

<p>Do the admission officers consider it a big factor in determining one's intellectual ability? Thanks in advance of all the replies.</p>

<p>If you're going for Ivy league and some of the top 25 schools, then yea... it matters quite a bit. You still can get into them though. I only took 2 AP courses in high school and I'm going to be fine (although I got a crazy feeling that Cornell is going to reject me lol.. I'm not even bothering with an interview or early decision). Schools and people put too much emphasis on APs. Why kill yourself in high school? You've got the rest of your life to bust your ass. I will say that most of the top tier schools don't feel the same way I do though.... but I don't think you're striving for the Ivy League.</p>

<p>I'm applying to the Ivies as my reach schools.</p>

<p>My stats are below:</p>

Unweighted - 94.308/100
taking the most rigorous courses of study (many honor and AP courses)
My school doesn't calculate weighed GPA, but it would be about 102/100.
Class rank 7/450 unweighed</gpa></p>

<p><sat i="">
1490: V690 M800</sat></p>

<p><sat ii="">
Chem 790
Math IIC 800
Writing 670 (expecting a better score for Nov test)</sat></p>

<p>I didn't send any AP scores.</p>

<p><extracurricular activities=""></extracurricular></p>

<p>President of Music Council
Leader of Charity Band
Concert Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Ensemble (Drummer, Percussionist)
Music Concert MC (master of ceremony)
District Honor Band</p>

<p>Math Department Teacher Assistant
Student Council Grade 12 Representative
Peer Tutoring
30-Hour Famine organizer</p>

<p><work experience="">
Math Tutor, Korean Tutor</work></p>

<p>-Many times school winner for various math contests
-Won several awards based on academic achievement </p>

<p>Great essays and awesome recommendations.</p>

<p>Would they notice that I don't have any scores for AP Exams, and give me disadvantage?
I did take the most rigorous course of study in high school, but just didn't take the AP tests...</p>

<p>Hey jopo,
What schools are you applying to? My scores, ranks, EC's are almost exactly the same as yours.</p>

<p>SCED to Yale, RD to other Ivies plus Stanford, MIT, etc.</p>

<p>I'm applying to as many as I can just to increase my chances at these reach schools.</p>

<p>well, AP scores are definitely important.
But, all top colleges focus on whether you have used all of the resources available to you. If your school doesn't offer any, then it's not your fault not taking any exams. It depends on how well you catch the opportunities around you. You have a chance if you demonstrate well that you're a unique individual in the essays; DON"T be discouraged! Best of luck</p>

<p>Here I'll let everyone know for a matter of fact. My aunt is an admissions officer at washington university in st. louis (very good school, top 10) and she says the scores don't matter at all because you can't use the credit if you havent gotten in. The grades in the class are what is important, scores are secondary if admitted.</p>

<p>Hope this helps eveyrone in hear</p>

<p>my cousin's school barely offered any APs. I think she only took some her senior year. she still got into stanford.</p>