ap exams

<p>heres's the deal
i am going to be in engineering next year. but the college i'am going to wont give me credit for physics B. but theres a good chance i might be transfering out of engineering.</p>

<p>so 1) will i get that credit for physics if i transfer out?
2) is it worth taking it just to get credits and have a head start in college? its easy to get the minimum credits requirement right?</p>

<p>i am going to virginia tech btw</p>

<p>Are you anticipating transferring to a different school or within the same school? In either case, check with the school's AP policies to determine whether or not you will get credit. </p>

<p>Many high school students don't understand that AP credit may not necessarily reduce the number of courses a student must take at college. At my engineering school, engineers were required to take five humanities courses: a sequence of three in one subject area and a sequence of two in a different subject area. If a student took courses in three different humanities areas, the courses for one humanities area wouldn't count towards graduation requirements. </p>

<p>So, for instance, if a high school student took AP Economics, AP French, AP music theory, and AP studio art, he might receive credit for all four. However, only two of the courses would fit into the graduation requirements. Credit for the other two would merely be baubles on a transcript. Of course, the knowledge gained would be worthwhile, but a student shouldn't expect all AP courses will give him a head start on college graduation requirements.</p>

<p>both. i might transfer out to vtech business school or uva 's engineering or business depending on how i do next year</p>