AP fiasco.

So I want to major in either Biology or Chemistry with a co-major in global health, or global health and co-major child/maternal health. For colleges to see that I am really interested in those majors should I take AP chem junior year and Ap bio senior year. or Ap calc ab junior and bc senior. Mind you that AP calc will mess up my dual enrollment courses and I really like how they are going. I also plan on taking Gen Bio 1&2 junior year and Gen Chem 1&2 senior year at my community college. I thought taking a lot of science base courses because i want to major in the sciences would make colleges see you as determined.

Taking both the AP and the community college equivalent of those classes is not going to say “determination.”

I’m missing the part that this is a fiasco.

You should take advanced science and math courses; it’s not either/or. Additionally, taking AP bio and chem and taking gen bio and chem at the cc is duplicative. Choose either the AP version (my suggestion) or the cc version, but not both.

As has been said above, AP biology and college general biology are duplicative, as are AP chemistry and college general chemistry. So choose only the AP courses or only the college courses.

Note that if you are pre-med and take the college courses, they and their grades will count toward your GPA when applying to medical school. In that case, you need to earn A or A+ grades to avoid hurting your chances of getting into medical school.

why can’t you take either AP Cal AB then BC or Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 (dual enrollment) and keep your science classes (either ap or de)

Take the AP versions OR DE but on our case I’d stick with AP for these.

Colleges are okay with you taking Bio 101 and Chem 101 at college. In fact their curriculums assume you will. So don’t be in a hurry. if you take a DE class and don’t do well, that grade is in your college GPA forever (e.g if you go to grad or med school). You don’t have to take DE classes to show you are determined. I would suggest taking AP because more college accept AP than DE (your state school will accept DE).

If you have taken Bio and Chem so far, then take Physics (honors or AP Physics 1) and then AP Chem or AP Bio senior year.

if you have taken precalc this year, then you could do AP Calc AB and then either AP Calc BC or AP Stats.